“With support, an acorn will become an Oak – it needs time…”

Oak Practice is a Social Enterprise which works to support individuals through Dramatherapy but recognises the absolute necessity of supporting robustly the networks/systems of which people are a part. We are all part of a wider community.

Oak Practice works to support different systems through Supervision whether that be in the NHS, Education or Health or Social Enterprise.

Oak Practice generally offers long-term work where it is needed with complex and enduring needs for support.

‘’Spending time with Lisa gives me the space to explore the challenging and complex issues that arise through my work. I believe that it is this very exploration, safely and supportively held by Lisa, that enables me to find meaning, direction and an increased understanding of my own place within my work.”

Senior Nurse NHS, Devon.

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22nd October 2019

Development National Hub for Supervision in Education

We are working with Leeds Beckett University and the Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools to establish the first National Hub for Supervsion […]
15th January 2019

We have begun work with a primary school in London setting up a years supervision for the Senior Leadership Team

We have begun the first day of working with a primary school in London. The aim is to give each member of the SLT a regular […]
15th January 2019

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